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Investment property deposit tips and hints

Thursday, 02nd July 2015

Did you know that cash isn't the only deposit you can use when purchasing an investment property?

Or that you can ask to put down a 5% deposit rather than 10% when you make your initial offer?

Learning your deposit options is something that comes over time, but I'm taking you on a shortcut!

Your investment property deposit can be funded by the equity in your own home.

You will need an up-to-date valuation and to ensure your financier is willing to take this route.

Alternatively, if you have a self managed superannuation fund, you can use some of the balance as a deposit.

Then there is a deposit guarantee - with parents' approval, using a portion of equity out of their home for you to use as a deposit.

It can make it easier to seek a reduced deposit, which is where you need to get it right when you make your initial offer on the property.

Always ask for 5% rather than 10% deposit in the first instance - this makes a big difference in up-front funds required.

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