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Tax variation key to cashflow success

Tuesday, 13th October 2015

Recently I was asked to explain tax variation and, I have to admit, I was a little surprised. You see, it wasn't a new investment client I was talking to - it was a long-term finance professional aligned with the real estate industry.

Tax variation is key to my property investment cashflow strategies

It's an average of $200 in an investor's pocket each week, paid back to them via PAYG or BAS. This 'mini tax return' is then used to meet the gap on mortgage repayments, rather than an investor having to find cash from their own reserves. It's such a simple thing, yet I'm amazed at how many professionals fail to set their investors up properly.

Get your investment strategy right the first time around

During my October 21 seminar in Melbourne you will learn:

  • Why every investor needs a tax variation and how to set one up
  • How best to use the extra $200 paid back via your PAYG or BAS
  • How a tax variation can benefit your personal mortgage repayments

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