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Residential investment property cashflow considerations

Tuesday, 06th October 2015

Whether you have an apartment, townhouse or freestanding home, each has its own particulars to consider when it comes to cashflow.

Here's a quick and easy list of things to remember when you do the sums:

Apartments - Ongoing Body Corporation fees - remember that this is a claimable expense so hold on to all your paperwork

Townhouse - Potential Body Corporation fees - townhouses can attract these fees once there are 3 or more on the same block of land

House and Land - Not all tenants have a lawnmower, so organise for a gardener to come and maintain the grass at least every 2-3 weeks. Again this service is tax deductible, but the bonus is your property will always look lived in and not tenanted. It ensures you keep the property's value in place and on the rise.

It's all a matter of doing your figures right the first time and you won't be disappointed!

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