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​What to do when your adult children won't leave home…

Thursday, 26th November 2015

You've seen your children through higher education and into their first steps as full-time employees.

Life is changing, but not in the way you expected - rather than finally gaining that spare room in the house, they're not showing any signs of moving out!

Now this is something close to my heart (and guys, if you're reading, it comes from a place of love!).

The best way to handle this situation is to start them paying you the equivalent in rental income you'd receive from a tenant lodging in their rooms.

Not only will your children soon learn how far their money goes, it makes them realise they can afford to invest as well.

You could either continue on with the current situation - but encourage them to funnel off their 'rental payments' into their first investment property - or they might move out and work towards building assets through their own means.

And on the subject of whether they should rent or buy at that stage, a great first place to start is this blog post where I discuss strategies for each scenario.

No matter what move your children make, you win - and they will be all the more financially secure for your intervention!