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Myth buster... There is no such thing as the perfect property

Thursday, 18th February 2016

Mary's currently looking for the ideal investment. She wants cashflow positive and high capital growth, all from the one investment vehicle.

Her lofty goals have kept her out of the real estate market for the past few years while she waits for the perfect property to come along - oblivious to the fact this strategy is costing her money.

You see, she's spent three years on the sidelines without this alternative income stream building her wealth and financial security. It's been three years without tax advantages, rental payments, depreciation, deductions and a tax variation - all of which would have been helping the investment property pay for itself.

During my time as an investor, I've learned that while there is no such thing as the perfect property, there will always be something to choose from. This particular person is missing out on both opportunities by chasing the 'golden egg'.

My message is to get into the market as soon as possible, leave your investment to build in value over time and you will get both cashflow and high capital growth eventually.

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