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​How a strategic property portfolio can help your Life-Work balance

Tuesday, 29th March 2016

If you're fresh from the Easter break, dreaming of your next holiday and unable to get away due to financial commitments, read on!

As a property portfolio investor it's possible to have your cake and eat it. The income you receive via rent and tax deductions will increase with each real estate investment with the right strategy and risk minimisation procedures in place.

Life-Work balance is possible for property portfolio holders

Scheduling in time for a break is easy when you know there's extra money coming in. While it's good strategy to put the bulk of your rental income away for retirement, it's also highly beneficial to put aside some of this money just for you.

Spending time with family and loved ones is not something you'll ever regret

Think about all the times you've spent surrounded by your nearest and dearest, then imagine what life would be like with more of that quality time. Travel, holidays, that Christmas spent together in a beach hideaway - priceless.

Is your portfolio set up to help you achieve the right kind of Life-Work balance? I'd love to hear your feedback.

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