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​The elephant in the room… Negative gearing is it here to stay? Or has it gone forever?

Tuesday, 24th May 2016

The upcoming July 2 election has left a trail of politicians in its wake. As they scamper to take sides in the negative gearing debate, we're unable to say what will happen without the benefit of a crystal ball. It is, however, true to say that whichever party is elected their campaigns and promises will affect different people in different ways.

Electoral uncertainty is one of the main reasons we insist on annual client reviews - if government policies change, there's no room for a 'set and forget' investor mentality. We need to know you're primed for success no matter what goes on in the background.

As a client of Smarter Property Investing, we prepare you for any unexpected changes in your own lives, including changes that are out of your control, such as legislation, interest rate rises or economic issues.

We continually work with experts in the field to stay on top of and abreast of all taxable deductions, population growth, supply and demand of an area to enable us to adjust your cash flow when and where necessary.

Whatever the outcome on that first Saturday in July, talk to us now and we'll show you how to be prepared. Call me on 1300 890 831 to set up your annual review - it's time to make a positive difference.

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