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​Winner, winner!

Friday, 14th July 2017

Congratulations to Jennifer Pearson, winner of two Gold Class tickets in our recent subscriber-only competition. We asked everyone what property information would be most valuable to them and we've been overwhelmed by their responses!

As our lucky winner, Jennifer was keen to hear how investing in property could help her achieve financial goals and retire early using her property and one wage. Well Jenny, that's the kind of question answered by my upcoming book, Suddenly Single! You see, when one person's borrowing capacity is COMBINED with the income from a tenant, your borrowing capacity instantly increases. It makes investment a possibility, where once it may have been IMPOSSIBLE!
When you then add another property to that first one - and then another - with a minimum of three properties in your portfolio, early retirement looks achievable. It's all about getting really specific with your 'Why' and figuring out what sort of per annum income you want to build in retirement.

The top concerns from our participants relate to our essential investment research criteria, from the macro and micro indicators which tell us where, what and when to buy:

  1. Where to Buy, What to Buy and When to Buy (70%)
  2. Understand Tax implications (45%)
  3. Getting finance (21%)
  4. Impact on lifestyle(21%)
  5. Finding a good tenant (20%)

What's your biggest concern when it comes to property investment? Please feel free to send your queries to me via .

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