• ​Winner, winner!

    Friday, 14th July 2017

    Congratulations to Jennifer Pearson, winner of two Gold Class tickets in our recent subscriber-on...

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  • Top 3 signs you should run from that investment property

    Tuesday, 01st March 2016

    Sometimes it seems the stars align, you make a decision to invest and the very next day you've fo...

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  • ​The secret to getting the best from your Australian residential property investments

    Thursday, 21st January 2016

    When tenants have a choice between your property and one with similar attributes, what's the one ...

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  • ​Investment know-how for residential real estate portfolios

    Tuesday, 15th December 2015

    The difference between residential investment property success and otherwise often comes back to ...

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  • My top 5 tips to teach children about money

    Tuesday, 24th November 2015

    If I knew then what I now know about money…Finance wasn't ever something we discusse...

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  • ​The truth about renovation

    Tuesday, 20th October 2015

    You've found a great house in the right suburb, but first it needs a bit of work.Start...

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  • Tax variation key to cashflow success

    Tuesday, 13th October 2015

    Recently I was asked to explain tax variation and, I have to admit, I was a little surprised. You...

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  • Ask Christine - How do I choose between one suburb & another in Melbourne?

    Monday, 07th September 2015

    Research, research and more research because location, location, location is not always the reaso...

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  • Ask Christine - I'd like to invest interstate, but I don't know the area well enough. What should I look out for?

    Monday, 31st August 2015

    Well the first thing you should not do is look when you are on holidays in a holiday destination....

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  • Ask Christine - Can I invest in property if my income is below $50,000pa?

    Monday, 24th August 2015

    Yes you certainly can. It all depends on your borrowing capacity which is based on your current d...

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  • Ask Christine - How can I protect my investments if I lose my job?

    Monday, 17th August 2015

    This is a question I am always asked when discussing the possibility of investing in property....

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  • Negative gearing for beginners

    Tuesday, 30th June 2015

    The greatest misconception about negative gearing is that it's only for people on high incomes....

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  • The magic formula of retirement planning

    Thursday, 18th June 2015

    How much will I need in the bank to retire on?It's a simple question to ask, but not as si...

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  • The 3 T equation of residential property investment success

    Tuesday, 16th June 2015

    The simple 3 T equation of Tenant plus ...

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  • A depreciation schedule - the best money you could spend when you invest in property

    Thursday, 11th June 2015

    The purchase of a depreciation schedule is simply the best $500-$750 you could possibly spend whe...

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  • Your tax return - the number one reason for tracking your property investment expenses

    Tuesday, 09th June 2015

    Your residential property investment is a business - and all businesses need to earn their keep....

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  • Top 5 budget tips - how to create a budget and why it's important for investment success

    Tuesday, 02nd June 2015

    Whether you're already investing or planning to in the near future, a well put together budget is...

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