• Interest rate rises

    Wednesday, 12th July 2017

    Originally published on ...

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  • Refinancing your investment - how to know when it's time

    Tuesday, 26th April 2016

    In days of old, we'd go into a relationship with our banks much like a marriage - it was somethin...

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  • The Smarter guide to funding your first residential investment property

    Tuesday, 08th December 2015

    Finally the day has come - you've got all the right advice, know what sort of property you want t...

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  • Property investment for beginners - what is equity?

    Thursday, 16th July 2015

    In simple terms, equity is the term to describe when your property is worth more than what you ow...

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  • Investment property deposit tips and hints

    Thursday, 02nd July 2015

    Did you know that cash isn't the only deposit you can use when purchasing an investment property?...

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  • 5 top questions for your investment property financier

    Tuesday, 26th May 2015

    Like most people you will probably need to borrow funds to buy your investment property.I ...

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