Make successful investment decisions with Insights and tips from Smarter Property investing principal Christine Williams


  • Top 10 Residential Investment Mistakes (and how you can avoid being caught out)

    You've bought property once before and - for whatever reason - things didn't work out. But there's always that niggle at the back of your mind: "What if there's another way?"

    Respected Australian property portfolio specialist, Christine Williams delves deeper in her eBook, Top 10 Residential Investment Mistakes (and how you can avoid being caught out).

    With a proven track record of successful property investment behind her - both personally and professionally - Christine says that failing to reinvest is holding you back from building wealth and securing your future.

    You will learn how to avoid these common Australian real estate investment mistakes:

    • Investing Without A Strategy
    • Buying Without A Cash Buffer
    • Listening To The Neighbour
    • Buying A Property Out Of Fear
    • Selling An Investment At A Loss
    • Believing The Perfect Property Myth
    • Buying The House Next Door
    • Buying For The Short Term
    • Buying Quantity Over Quality
    • Not Knowing Your Key Numbers

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  • Design the life you want

    To design the life you want you need to start with the end in mind...

    Whether you're staring down the barrel of an empty retirement savings account, or uncertain you've budgeted properly for your twilight years then this book's for you…

    Design the life you want provides a roadmap of everything you'll need to consider on your wealth planning journey. Get your financial target clear from Day 1 with our essential budget planning considerations:

    • Who's Counting on You?
    • Your Brilliant Career
    • Home, Sweet Home
    • Getting from A to B
    • Who's Got Your Back?
    • Have Passport, Will Travel
    • Building Your Nest Egg
    • Saving for a Rainy Day

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  • Houses vs Apartments: The Inside Scoop

    Coles vs Woolies, McDonald's vs KFC, houses vs apartments… everyone has an opinion. But could my new property investment guide end at least one of these perennial arguments?

    After thirty years of experience, I've learned that everyone has an opinion, but it doesn't always come down to facts. I bought my first home aged 18 and have become one of only 14,500 people with ownership in at least 6 properties or more.

    During this time, I've had to face the question of houses vs apartments many times, but with facts backing experience, I've been able to make the right choice again and again.

    And it all comes down to one word…

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