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Meet Christine

Financial Mentor, Property Portfolio Strategist, Author & Speaker.

I’m an everyday person – like you

While I’ve received many plaudits for my work as a property strategist the truth is I see myself as an everyday person.

You see, my parents never owned a home, my childhood was spent living in a mixture of rental properties and caravans. I made the decision at a young age that I was going to own a property one day and provide my children with a place to call home.

The truth is I stumbled into the field of property investing. After my first marriage ended I was forced to sell our family home and I found myself, single with two kids to take care of.

But thanks to the equity we had created in our first home I was able to invest in another property and so my desire to learn more about property investment began.

I had to navigate my way through a minefield of false prophets and get rich artists. I made many mistakes that today my clients never have to experience.

The truth is investing in property allowed me to changed my family tree and provide my children and grandchildren with opportunities and experiences I could only have dreamt of.  

Today I’m committed to supporting my clients to change their family trees and learn how to leverage the power of property to build substantial wealth that will allow them to make choices about their future, to provide for their families and ensure a safe and comfortable retirement.

Smarter Property Investing provides clients with a proven formula for investment property success and pathway to real wealth. Whether like me you enjoy the opportunity to travel the world, going on shopping sprees or spoiling your children, property is a safe, secure and reliable pathway for almost anyone to build wealth.

I support the growth of everyday people who value having someone in their corner who can guide them step-by step through the process of sound property investment. My proven track record of success and long list of satisfied customers (many of which you can hear from on this site) has allowed me to become one of the most trusted names in the industry.

As regular contributor to Australian Investor Magazine, Frontier Investor, 3AW, ABC Life Matters, educator for the Bendigo Bank and author of three books my goal is simple, to help you navigate your way through the often media hyped world of money-making and property investing, so you create the future that you deserve.

I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you, working with you and assisting you to create the future you and your family deserve.




Do you know where your money is, where it goes and or how much you actually have? The answer is probably no. Leaving money issues up to a partner to look after might seem a good idea but with three in five women finding themselves dependent on a pension later in life, a man is not always a secure plan when it comes to financial security. We at Smarter Property Investing know this. Because we have been those women.

Along with my all female team, are passionate about assisting women take a control of their finances in a non-judgemental and empathetic manner and giving women back the power to make informed decisions.


No matter what age, it's never too late to start investing in property and the time to start is now. Many of our clients start out as singles who build themselves a modest portfolio and if they do enter into a relationship, they can then ramp it up to something that will see them through to a comfortable retirement.

Just because your solo doesn't mean you can't invest. It does mean a different strategy though. So with a 1:1 Discovery Session, together we can create a blueprint plan for your future. So whether you are single or partnered, 22 or 62, property investing is achievable and you can start today.


No matter what age, background, stage of life, we work with couples who would like to start or continue their investment property portfolio to the next level. Christine will take a helicopter view of where you are now with assets, superannuation, property you currently own (or if you rent), outstanding loans, other debts, potential inheritances, windfalls and much more. Then along with where you'd like to be at retirement, plan what you can do today to be where you'd like to be at the age you choose to retire. Both people need to be present with Christine to make investment decisions.


Parents with adult children often want to share and educate their kids on the path they are undertaking to ensure their own children can capitalise on their earnings and get a foot up into the property investing journey. Or sometimes two siblings want to 'get into the market' and start their investment journey by joining forces. No matter what the situation, Christine can get you started. We work collaboratively with families and extended families on how and when to invest in property. Note however, that at all times we abide by privacy laws and non disclosure of personal financial information.