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Are you Sitting on the Fence?

Have you been concerned about what lies ahead for our property market?

I’ve spent a lot of time recently, answering questions and concerns from investors who are sitting on the fence, unsure where to go.

Some of the topics of concern I’ve been hearing of late are:

However, there are also strategic investors who are adopting a long-term perspective on the matter who aren’t concerned about the state of interest rates or the economy in 6 months to come. Instead, they are formulating their strategies based on the future outlook of our housing markets over the course of 5 or 10 years.

This is the view and approach we should be taking. The rise in available properties for sale probably signifies that sellers are gaining greater confidence in the belief that interest rates have reached their highest point.

Our property markets underwent a reset earlier this year and have been on an upward trajectory for the past eight consecutive months. Combine this with a significant shortage of properties for sale and rent, coupled with robust population growth, will continue to drive property price increases.

Despite talks from the government and media, rental rates will continue to increase and there will be a shortage of properties for several years. When you factor in the substantial rise in new construction costs, it appears that the upward trend in property values will persist indefinitely.

For those still sitting on the fence, contact Christine at Smarter Property Investing today to help ease your concerns and to feel confident in becoming more strategic in your investing opportunities.

Let’s address the risks, let’s talk about what strategies we can formulate to suit you.

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