Buyers Advocate

Need Help Finding Your Next Property?

Expert Buyers Advocate Service available from a highly experienced Investment Property Strategist and Real Estate Expert!

If you are interstate, overseas, time poor or perhaps just not comfortable looking for the next property that you need to acquire take advantage of our Ultimate package to handle the entire process for you.

Our 4 Step Process simple process includes:


An initial 1-2 hour meeting where we explore what you are looking for and more importantly what you are looking to avoid!

You will share your non-negotiables so I can concentrate on finding the right property to suit your budget.
  • Helping you establish the essential factors for discovering your ideal home.
  • Engage in a discussion to understand your objectives when it comes to purchasing an investment property, whether it’s focused on achieving high capital growth or maximizing rental yield.
  • Aiding you in refining or discovering your search area.
  • Supplying reports, data, and analytics to illustrate a specific property’s potential to align with your goals, particularly for investors.


  • Offering guidance on homes or properties that will undergo inspection, whether you prefer to be present during the inspection or not.
  • The option to connect you in via video if you cannot be there in person.
  • Conducting thorough inspections and providing detailed reports on the results of these assessments, which include property photos and images of the surrounding area.
  • Maintaining clear communication regarding our discoveries and ready to take prompt action when we identify a potential property that aligns with your needs and requirements.
  • Acquire the Section 32 and/or the Sales Contract for any of these prospective homes or properties.
  • Feedback on price and strategy to help you move forward with your property.
  • Guide you to appropriate professional services, if you don’t already have them, that may be necessary to facilitate the property acquisition process. These services could include building inspectors, conveyancers, pest inspectors, solicitors, tradesmen, property managers, and more.
  • Verify that your financial arrangements are approved, enabling you to proceed with the property purchase.


  • Collaborate with Real Estate Agents and initiate the planning process.
  • Discuss the chosen strategy or approach with you, providing insights on the anticipated property sale price.
  • Offer you regular updates throughout the negotiation process or in preparation for the auction date. We will inform you about the next steps and provide guidance on what is expected from you throughout your entire buying journey.
  • For private sales, we will finalise the sales contract according to your preferences and mutual agreement, ensuring that the settlement date, price, and any necessary terms and conditions are tailored to prioritise both your protection and desires.
  • If we are participating in a bidding auction on your behalf and you won’t be present on the day, we might need a completed Power of Attorney to bid and sign on your behalf if we win the auction. We can help you with this form, or you can obtain one from your solicitor.
  • We will get you Auction  ready by providing guidance on the anticipated price and settlement date. If successful, we will accompany you throughout the entire post-auction contract signing process to ensure that all paperwork is correctly completed, guaranteeing your safety.
  • We will collaborate with the conveyancer or solicitor of your choice during the entire negotiation process, extending through to the settlement.
  • If your property is interstate from where you are based, we will keep you fully informed on all lines of communication.


  • Offer guidance to investors regarding the timing and methods for advertising the property to attract tenants and present potential property management options if necessary.
  • Engage in communication and negotiations with property managers to expedite the tenant process as swiftly as possible.
  • Approximately 10 days before the settlement, we will accompany you to the final inspection to provide guidance on things to look out for and address any concerns that may arise before the settlement.
  • Feedback from your experience from start to key handover.
  • Finally, we celebrate!

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