How A Property Strategist Helps Divorcees Get Back On Track

I read a wonderful heart warming article about two women who came up with a solution on how to get into the property market together (because they couldn’t do it alone).

It made me reflect on a few clients I am currently helping get into the property market post divorce and I wanted to share with you their stories today.

As you can see the strategy core lies around investing their divorce settlement (into an area they could afford) + time = capital growth they can cash in and use to purchase a property where they want to live.

Because time (and capital growth) is the KEY to this strategy, identifying a property that will have the right growth at the right speed (to suit their timeline) is paramount.

If you would like help finding a property that will have the right growth rate for your goals, let’s chat!

Otherwise feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions :)

Happy Days


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