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Townhouses. Why They’re Becoming Increasing Popular as an Investment.

Over the past few years, there has been a growing demand for townhouses in prime locations. Younger families are actively seeking opportunities to relocate to more attractive areas, while current homeowners are considering downsizing, with a preference for residences that provide low maintenance living instead of large homes that require more upkeep than what they’re worth.

Investors are seizing the benefits of this trend and the opportunities it presents. In several capital cities, there is a scarcity of such properties under development, leading to a persistent shortage in supply.

Understanding the current dynamics is crucial, followed by identifying the specific regions where these changes are taking place. You need to focus your search in areas where scarcity is already a factor and consider investing in the smaller, boutique developments.

But where to start?

By choosing the right townhouse, in the right area.

In each suburb, you need to focus on areas that have job growth, access to public transport and lifestyle factors and conveniences that are important to both young families and retirees.

Next, look for a point of difference. Does your townhouse have a large courtyard? Extra off-street parking? Have you looked at the floor plan and layout?

The last thing you want is a townhouse where the master bedroom is on a different floor to the other rooms. This is an especially important factor to first time parents!

By following these steps and speaking to a professional, you can begin benefiting from these trends now and as they continue to evolve in the future.

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