Is it too late to invest in property

Is It Too Late To Invest In Property?

A question I’m always asked is, ‘Am I too old to start investing in property?’

The short answer is No.
Followed by Goodness, No!

If you’re in your 40s or 50s and have not yet started investing, there’s no reason why your age should be of concern and absolutely no reason why it should stop you from building your wealth creation. Building wealth through real estate does not come with an age restriction, especially when you consider that most individuals work well into their mid-60s, and the minimum retirement age is expected to keep increasing.

In fact, there are actually many benefits to investing during the later stages in life.

  • Higher superannuation funds = more options for property investing.
  • An established network.
  • More life experience.
  • Better people skills.
  • Overall wisdom and understanding.

The second question I’m always asked is, ‘But, are there any risks?’

The short answer, yes.
Followed by, there are risks for everything we do in life. At any stage of life.

But property investing always carries risks and age does not play any particular factor. All it means is that the strategy will change. Generating wealth is NOT out of your reach.

Certainly, property, like all other forms of investment, requires time to grow, evolve and yield returns. You might contemplate the strategy of ‘house flipping’ which involves making repairs or upgrades to a property and attempting to sell it for a profit. However, this may not be a viable option, especially if you are still engaged in full-time work.

The more prevalent approach is to acquire and retain the property, relying on appreciation (or capital growth), with the belief that property values will increase over time. The residential real estate market in Australia has a strong track record, making positive gains highly plausible even if you commence your investment journey in your 50s.

These investments and assets can serve as a legacy for your children. For your grandchildren.
Providing them with a significant advantage in their financial future.

Seeking guidance on your options and designing a strategy that will cater to your needs is essential. I have been in the investing world for over 15 years and being someone who is considered to be in their ‘later stages of life’ hear me when I tell you that… it is never, ever too late.

I’m here, let’s have that chat.

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