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How Much Do You Need To Earn and Save to Thrive in Retirement? Desired retirement income (PA): Current Age: Desired Retirement Age: Super Value: Assets (not including home) value:

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Grab yourself a coffee or tea and a notepad and pen (for any burning questions that might pop up) and watch me below as you go through the calculator.

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It can be pretty shocking to see that weekly figure can’t it!

The scariest part is that for each week that passes where you don’t make the deposit into your savings account – the figure actually rises! Eek!

What if I told you that I could help you map out a low risk strategy that could give you and your family that lifestyle you desire using property as the wealth creation vehicle?

I will give you an example now about how powerful property can actually be.

If you put away $100 a week to go towards your retirement, that’s $5,200 after one year. If you did that for 20 years, you would have $104,000 in the bank (please note, this doesn’t include interest or taxes on the interest made).

However, if you contributed $100 a week to a property, we know that at the end of 10 years, you will have made more than $104,000. In fact, if the property went up by 7% (history via ABS tells us property purchased at the right time and right place can double every 10-15 years), therefore, if you purchased a $450,000 property today, it will be worth $1.2 million in 20 years time, giving you a much better return for your $100 per week than in the first scenario.

But this is just one hypothetical example. We can tweak the speed at which you reach your goals to be slower or faster. It will just depend on WHEN you want to retire!  You don’t even need a cash deposit handy. I can show you how if you’re curious?

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Your investmet: $47

The result? A personalised Money Map and 1:1 conversation which you can take away and implement to work towards that financial goal OR that we can work together and I can hold your hand if you so wish!

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