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My Top 10 Tips for 1st Home Buyers and Investors

Whether you are thinking about buying your 1st home or are investing in property. Please see my Top 10 Tips for 1st Home Buyers wanting to get into the market, or even for Investors not to be blindsided by signing on the dotted line.

1. Have a Goal in mind and Exit strategy before you start.

2. Confirm your borrowing capacity through a financial institution – Not via Online calculator.

    – Ask the institution to explain about ‘Your Credit Score’.

3. Contracts – Have reviewed by a conveyancer or solicitor before you sign. 

     – Be aware of Terminology such as FROM, FULL TURN KEY CONTRACT.

4. Engage a reputable build and pest inspector.

     – If purchasing an apartment request a Cladding report.

5. Be aware of Grants and Incentives, are they are really worth the $ amount based on your goal and strategy.

     – First Home Owners Grant may eliminate you from future tax savings.

    –  5, 7, 10-year rental guarantee at specific % rate.

6. Speak to local property managers regardless of purchasing for yourself or not, as they will give you a run down on demographics of the area, the crime rate and general information about the area.

7. Do not be rushed into signing a contract, by real-estate agents even in this BOOM time as there will always be another opportunity.

8. Confirm information from experts and advisors, DO NOT listen to ‘HEAR SAY’ from friends and family. 

9. Be aware of how HECS, ZIP PAY, AFTER PAY, CAR LOANS, PERSONAL LOANS will affect your borrowing capacity.

10. Understand outstanding MOBILE PHONE ACCOUNTS, or unpaid utility bills will come up on your credit score, thus effecting your borrowing capacity.

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