4.New Estates, When to Invest

New Estates, When to Invest?

Christine here coming in with another great answer to questions my clients ask all the time – How do I know when an estate has gone past its value?

When should you buy into an estate? At the start? Or when its established with schools and shops and amenities?

What is the best way to get value, equity & capital growth out of an estate?

In short : New estates and when to invest?

Well it all depends on your mindset! It’s about what you intend to do with the land.

If you are an owner occupier, your mindset may be around this purchase being your forever home, perhaps it’s in a great school zone for future kids.

In this video I focus on the mindset of an investor. What you should understand is that the earlier you start investing in house & land packages in brand new estates the better off you are going to be.

No there won’t be a shopping centre or schools close by in the early stages but I can assure you that the estate’s I get my clients to invest in have those sort of amenities close by regardless.

We look at the masterplan for an estate, it will show proposed schools, shops, retail space and so forth. They will have parks and gardens listed & you will be able to determine if the estate is going to be low or high density, is it house and land package only? Apartment buildings?

You will be able to get an idea on zoning of the estate & the percentage of investors vs owner occupiers vs government housing and so on.

The sooner you get in the better, early stages of an estate often have larger blocks of land and as each stage releases the price goes up from $5000 to $15,000 per block. Stage release can be up to 12 weeks apart so your land can go up in value at every stage! That’s great capital growth.

I’m happy to have a chat with you to discuss investing on the ground floor of an estate and everything you need to know. Let ‘s book a time today for a complimentary chat on 1300 736 754.


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