Case Study

Meet Nathan. A Case Study.

Meet Nathan
Nathan is a 21-year-old who lives at home with his parents, Paul and Sharon. Paul and Sharon were already clients of Christine’s having spent several years building their property portfolio with her, and with five investment properties under their belt. After attending several of Christine’s events, he decided to make contact for himself to discuss investing in his own first property.

The Plan
Nathan had many questions regarding investing and after several discussions around the finer details of contracts and signings, Nathan decided that rent-vesting was the way he wanted to go with his first property. Buying in Melbourne with the exorbitant prices wasn’t an option at this stage for Nathan who was young and not earning a high income. He also wasn’t interested in purchasing an apartment and wanted to invest in a property that was within his price range. So, we came up with a short to mid-term plan and under the guidance of Christine, he signed his first contract and placed a 20% deposit down. This ensured that the rent he received was more than enough to cover the mortgage costs.

Where is Nathan Now?
Christine remained in contact with Nathan over the years to check in and see how he was faring. Six weeks ago, Nathan contacted Christine asking excitedly, ‘When can I do the next one?’ Now, at 23 years of age, Nathan has had a considerable pay increase in his employment since he first began his investing journey. His property value had also increased by nearly $150,000 so the rent-vesting plan was working very well in favour of the young investor. It was safe to say that he was quite happy.

This is not to say that Nathan had a smooth transition. Like with everything, there were times where things were progressing slowly. We had supply and demand issues, registering land, COVID had struck, and we had the collapse of building firm, BA Murphy.

But even with the path not being so smooth, Nathan, at only 23 years of age, is happy and currently looking for his second investment.

Smarter Property Investing
Smarter Property Investing provides clients with a proven formula for investment property success and pathway to real wealth.
I support the growth of everyday people who value having someone in their corner who can guide them step-by step through the process of sound property investment. Property is a safe, secure and reliable pathway for almost anyone to build wealth on, just like Nathan. Just like me. Just like you.

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