2.Propety Strategistm Why Would I Need One?

Property Strategist, Why Would I Need One?

Engaging a property strategist…why would I need one?


There are quite a few reasons, the first being taking emotion out of the process.

Whether it be your first home, you’re an owner occupier or looking for an investment, it can sometimes be hard to stop focusing on all the bells and whistles you want in a home. 

Close to schools, shops & work to name a few. But having the ability to remove emotion from the process means you can focus on & in many cases, learn what you really need to know.

You need to look at: Can I really afford this property? What if something goes wrong? How can you build you property portfolio from this? Will my property grow? And if so what am I going to do it with it? Is this a stepping stone?

Once we have our borrowing capacity we jump online & call real estate agents and get stuck into looking for a property but there is a lot more to it than that.

Borrowing capacity itself can be effected by hex debt, it can be effected by things like Zip Pay & Afterpay, it can be effected by personal loans or it could be effected by not paying that gas bill you thought your roommate paid 6 years ago!

There are a lot of questions you should be asking in the property world, the property itself is really the destination & the journey there is the where you learn the skill set to do it successfully.

A property strategist will take a good look at you, look at your current situation, get an understanding of your goals & what you want to achieve. They will then work closely with you towards those goals.

My name is Christine and I am a property strategist & this is exactly what I do, so if you would like to have complimentary chat about what a property strategist can do you for you, whether it’s buying your perfect home or building a property portfolio give me a call on 1300 736 754 or email me on christine.williams@smarterpropertyinvesting.com.au

I’ll help you take the emotion out of the process so you can learn as your go and make the right decision the first time.

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