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Stop the Panic… Now is the Time!

There is widespread panic right now in the investing world. People are anxious, losing sight of the facts with many investors making poorly informed decisions to exit the market when in fact, they should be excited about their investments.

Understandably, the delays and price increases over the last 18 months have been frustrating for all. It’s been an unprecedented time in Australia’s building industry.

But now is not the time to sell.

Looking at the macro picture, Australia is currently experiencing its highest population growth ever recorded and by a wide margin.

This monster population growth comes at a time when the supply of new housing has fallen off the cliff. There are media stories about the housing crisis in almost every newspaper daily and the scary part is, they are massively underestimating how bad it is.

It’s been widely reported that we have now passed the bottom of the market, which is clearly the best time to buy. Massive demand, supply at lower levels than 50 years ago, and bottom of the market prices. Now is clearly the time to buy, not sell.

So Where to Buy?
Recently, I sent out a newsletter regarding Cairns being the next big boom! We still fully believe that the Bundaberg region is the best location in Australia for property investors.

The massive game changing infrastructure projects that are transforming this diverse region into an economic powerhouse are only just commencing. Investors… you want to get in before these facilities are built and prices have gone through the roof. 

Let me give you a rundown of what’s expected for this area.
Let me give you the facts

$1.2 Billion Hospital

The new Bundaberg hospital project gets the most attention and had provided almost 3,000 new jobs. Site works have started and construction gets under way next year with completion expected mid-2027.

New Bundaberg Hospital build to start next year – Bundaberg Now

Bundaberg Port – 20,000 jobs

While the hospital will have a major impact on local property prices, the SDA approved Port of Bundaberg is what will change the face of this region.

The Bundaberg State Development Area will provide around 20,000 new jobs over the next 10-20 years. This is massive.

The following video will give you a good understanding of the scope of expansion GPC Port of Bundaberg Precinct Outlook – YouTube

The massive 250mtr common user facility conveyor belt will be completed in coming months. This opens up the region massively, providing primary producers easy access to load or unload ships in the port.
Port of Bundaberg’s multi-million dollar upgrade to expand agricultural, mineral exports – ABC News

Stage 1 of Pacific Marine Base nears completion – Bundaberg Now  which will open significant new economic opportunities for the region. This will provide the Port of Bundaberg with the highest load capacity of any wharf on Australia’s east coast.

Lifestyle and Tourism

Then there is the luxury Gateway Marina and Resort project where 2 bed apartments are selling from $795,000 Home – Gateway Marina

Major Bargara developments approved – Bundaberg Now

Agriculture with $1.2 Billion Dam Expansion

People don’t realise the scale of the agriculture industry in the Bundaberg region. Its massive!!!

It’s so big, both state and federal governments have committed $600M each ($1.2 Billion in total) to increase the capacity of the Paradise Dam. Paradise Dam Improvement Project – Project Overview – Sunwater
Governments don’t spend $1.2 Billion unless they know that they will get a big return on their money. Bundaberg’s diverse agriculture industry second in QLD for growth in 2022/23;

Local ag sector second in state for growth – Bundaberg Now

We are going to be seeing some serious long-term capital growth in Cairns with lucrative investment opportunities. I have the advantage of securing the best estates in Northern Australia with access to registered house and land packages with dual occupancy.

This is great time for Cairns and an even greater time for investing!
So, don’t panic. I know it’s hard not to in these times but look first to the facts. Do your research before exiting the market and trust in those who are there to aid you through it all.

Bundy and Cairns have massive growth potential. Selling now is giving someone else your pot of gold.

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