Successful property portfolios – quality trumps quantity

We’ve all heard about that one investor who has a massive nationwide portfolio, but not much to show for it from a financial perspective.

It comes back to the quality of their investments

I would far prefer to have fewer properties in my portfolio than dozens just for the sake of the numbers. A bigger portfolio isn’t necessarily better – especially when it’s packed with second-rate housing you have to rent out at bargain basement prices.

Protect the assets that matter

Over-buying puts your other properties at risk. It’s better to safeguard your higher performing investments than to use their equity to purchase again. Err on the side of caution and you’ll have greater long-term rewards.

Strategy first, every time

Before you increase your portfolio, ask yourself ‘Why?” What are your long-term goals and what do you hope to achieve through this investment? If you’re in it just to see how many properties you’ll get on the board, you’ll end up disappointed.

Diversity in housing mix and location

When you choose a variety of properties across a spread of high yield locations, you’ll achieve greater results. It’s not just a pick-and-mix, adding to your portfolio every time you see something new on the market.

Building wealth is a serious business. Take care of your money and it will take care of you.

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From the desk of Christine.

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