Suddenly single? Where to now?

Suddenly single? Where to now?

Suddenly single? Where to now? As someone who divorced at 35 I know what it’s like to start again. I dusted myself down and re-built a secure financial foundation through residential investment property.

And now it’s your turn…
Even with a household income of $77,000 per annum you can still afford to invest in property. My kids have done it, my single parent girlfriends have done it and so have many of my clients – proof that you don’t have to be a millionaire to build independent wealth.

What I highly recommend though is that you stop, take a breath and consolidate where you are. Know that you need to consider your mindset that is required to start putting yourself first and build a strong future post-divorce.

I have written a number of eBooks on being suddenly single and post-divorce topics. You can view them and download here:

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What 40+ women can learn from our younger sisters when it comes to building wealth aided by credit

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How to overcome the top 3 financial fears after divorce.

Smarter Property Investing Client Testimonial
Thank you Christine for all your work with me over the last 18 months. I’ve gone from ‘Where am I? Who am I?’ to ‘I’m on my way, I’m in control?’ I’m always singing your praises and let’s hope some people see what I see – a path to financial freedom and a fun journey along the way
– Helen (single mother of three)

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