Three Reasons Why You Should Invest In Property Before April 2019

The Top Three Reasons Why You Should Invest In Property Before April 2019

In my line of work I am always researching trends and legislation to ensure that I know exactly when my clients should be investing to grow (and sometimes start) their property portfolio at optimal conditions.
This year – there are three major pieces of data you need to be aware of so you can begin the process of signing on the dotted line NOW before mid April 2019.

Reason One: APRA are relaxing their investment cap with lenders. 

Previously banks were only allowed to have up to 10% of investment properties in their loan book as per APRA rules and regulations. However now, lenders are now allowed up to 30% of investment properties. This is a HUGE increase. What does this mean for you? It means that lenders are going to start competing for your business which means great rates and deals on the table.

Reason Two: Property Value Drops aren’t what they seem.

You see, the media are touting that property values are plummeting which kinda freaked out a lot of investors. No one wants to buy property that drops in value – it works against your financial freedom strategy. The thing is though that the figures that are being touted are a national figure – meaning they are averaging property values from the shack in the random country town in the middle of Timbucktoo with a population of 100 right through to the million dollar properties in Sydney. This means that some great suburbs and cities with massive growth get thrown into the mix even though their growth rates are fab. The media can be misleading sometimes….
and finally one of the most important reasons….

Reason Three: Grandfathering Negative Gearing Laws.

Property investors everywhere nearly blew their tops off when the Australian Labour Party started discussions of removing negative gearing (and the benefits it brings property investors) from the current tax laws. Lucky for you and I (and anyone that buys before this years election) these negative gearing benefits will have to be grandfathered for any purchases before the law goes into force (if it does at all).
Okay so that sounds all great but now you have to talk to the other half to convince them that now is the time to at least explore your options at a bare minimum. But, don’t want to have to relay the whole article to your spouse?

In a Nutshell…

You have to sign on the dotted line within the next few months so you can:
a) take advantage of banks competing for your sales
b) get the benefits of negative gearing for the life of your property ownership
c) not all areas have falling value rates.
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Don’t be a Shoulda Coulda Woulda but instead someone who takes action and gets results..

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Until next time,

From the desk of Christine.


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