Where should I buy an investment property?

Where should I buy an investment property?

Where should I buy an investment property?

If I got a dollar for every time someone asked me that question I could retire now. At Smarter Property Investing, the fundamental basis of our business is based on solid research. In fact, we use the same research companies such as Coles, McDonalds, KMart, Aldi, Shell service stations, Bunnings, and more. Let me explain:

When is a hardware store more than a hardware store?

When a Bunnings comes into town it’ more than just having somewhere to go and buy your new lawnmower – it’s an indicator of property prices about to boom. Experts in studying demographics and zoning laws, the guys in the office behind the scenes of Hardware Aisle 7 won’t invest anywhere but an area on the move. It’s a bit like the age old analogy of ‘if you build it, they will come’.

Often Bunnings along with the other organisations mentioned above, will buy property in an up-and-coming area, sit on it for a couple of years as the population grows, then develop once the time is right.

What does this means for you as an investor

The problem for an investor is that you’re not always in the know about where larger companies are going into next. This is when it pays to work with a Property Portfolio Strategist such as myself. We have access to high quality research which indicates where a new hot spot is likely to be. These reports are based on industry information including zoning changes and potential developments, none of which is at that stage available to the public.

Get in first with timely advice from a professional

By the time demographic and rezoning information is freely available to the public, prices have started to go up. While you will still have access to better prices, the buying opportunities are richer earlier in the peace. If you’re looking for your next investment, it’s best to engage a professional so you can get in on the ground floor – before Bunnings opens and pushes the prices higher.

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