Why Being the Best Landlord Should Be Your Priority!

If we are going to invest in property, we need to know where to start. Everybody has many, many, questions about this. But the one thing they generally don’t think about is, what I call ‘who you need to be thinking about’ before you think about investing in property. It’s not necessarily yourself, it’s actually Tenants. We need to think about tenants, and what tenants would want, when we start thinking about investing in property. Because it’s the tenants that are going to occupy the property, it’s the tenants that are going to help us pay the mortgage. If we satisfy the tenants needs, we know we are going to come across the right property, in the right place, at the right time.

So, for any of you out there who have been a tenant or have been rented at some particular time in your life or are currently renting now, put your hand up, its actually me. I have done it. I’ve been there, done that. I have rented. I can assure you that my expectations about any property that I’ve rent were what was what was on this screen. I expected to be close to schools for my children, I expected to be close to shopping centers. I expected to be close to transport and I expected to make sure that what I was living in was very amicable.

Its not so much the Property, its not so much the money, its not so much can you afford the loan? because we are going to get ticks on those. Its whether are you going to cater for the tenants. Because I teach my clients to be the best landlord, they can possible be, and by being the best landlord they can possibly be, they will get the best tenants.

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