Why Women Succeed In Property Investing

Why Women Succeed In Property Investing

Everyone has the ability to be a successful property investor, however, I’ve noticed over the last few years of working with hundreds of clients; that women definitely have a few common traits that support a successful investing journey!

Take my client Alison for example – she did what all the successful property investor ladies I know did – and that is accept she will succeed far quicker if she admits she doesn’t know everything and get guidance from an experienced person.

This single admission and action alone could save you thousands and thousands of dollars (and years of success) but combine it with Jennifer’s care factor then you’re on the right path forever.

You see Jennifer (and all of my other female clients) care. They care a lot. But not just about the big stuff (like profit margins and ROI’s). They care about the little things. Is the home comfortable? Do I get along with the property managers? Are my tenants happy? Am I happy with this decision? They care about everything and because of this, they make wise decisions (because they care enough to do proper research) that benefit their portfolio’s immensely.

The final example I want to share today is Michelle and her journey. You see Michelle represents the tortoise in that infamous race. She is okay with pacing herself, celebrating the small wins and winning the race against herself (and no one else) at a healthy sustainable pace. With no implosions of any kinds that men can often experience.

At the end of the day Help + Care + Pace work so well for female investors, my suggestion to any men reading this post is to either get advice from an awesome experienced female property specialist or listen to the most significant female in your life!

Looking back on your investing journey so far, what habit has served you well so far? Feel free to give me a buzz today on 1300 736 754 if you want to have a chat and see if I can offer you any tips to get started today.

As always, if you have a question, leave a comment below.

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