Top 10 Property Specialist

Winner – Top 10 Property Specialists in Australia

I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted last week to say that I had been nominated and won my place as one of the Top 10 Property Specialists in Australia. After I picked myself up off the floor, I felt extremely blessed to be honoured by The Property Investor Magazine.

There were over 300 applications for all over the country and apparently my achievements shone through. You can see more about the award at this link here.

This award is dedicated to all of my clients who believe in me and what I do but more importantly, believe in themselves to take that step to invest in property.  You are the ones that have found success and freedom using property as a vehicle for wealth creation.

Top 10 Property Specialist

But there is no rest for the wicked. Today I’m continuing to design and plan a few special programs for 2019:

  • Property Investing 101 – advanced
  • Financial Literacy for Women
  • Regular and guest writer for articles on investment and property
  • Public speaking engagements across Victoria

So a big thank you to The Property Investor Magazine and to every one of my clients and colleagues within the industry who make working in this highly competitive field such a joy.

From the desk of Christine,

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